Throw Back Thursday FIGHT OF THE WEEK!

One of the most controversial fights ever fought, this bout was dubbed as, “Thunder versus Lightning,” and it featured one of the most dramatic endings in boxing. During the match Taylor used his speed and quickness to evade Chavez and land any punch he wanted. He built a steady lead during the fight, though Chavez was hurting Taylor when he did manage to connect he was struggling with the faster fighter. Taylor was emphatically leading the fight as it entered the 12th round but Taylor’s corner instructed him to win the final round in order to secure the victory. Taylor was clearly exhausted, so much so that he fell throwing a punch in the 12th round! Eventually Chavez delivered a solid minute of boxing and pummeled Taylor into submission, knocking him to the canvas with only a couple seconds left in the match. The Referee asked Taylor if he could continue. Some claim Taylor nodded yes, but the referee decided that since Taylor refused to answer – awarded Chavez a knockout.

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