Coolhand Blog-Week 1

I'd like to start by wishing you all the very best for 2017 and i hope you all had a great Christmas. For me it was a quiet one with the family, just how i like it. I didnt indulge too much as i knew i was going straight into a camp to be put through my paces for 6 weeks by my coach Jorge and the team out in Miami.

Friday the 30th January my cases are packed and I'm ready to go! For me this is always the hardest part of camp saying goodbye to my family and walking out the door. I have to constantly remind myself they are the reason I am doing this. I have the company of 2 of my good friends for the journey to the airport which is always a good way to lighten the mood and keep me smiling.

For some strange reason i have been taken into the immigration office in Miami every time i have arrived , wanting to know the 'ins & outs' of my trip why am I there, where I'm staying, how long, so after a long 9 hour flight i'm happy to find out they no longer want to keep me a further 3 hours for the first time in a year!

Waking up new years eve i treat myself to a 'Cuban breakfast' which is basically a fancy eggs & bacon and a Cuban coffee before i start my strict diet. On the night I head out with my gym mate 'Jackin' Jacob Wooley, we enjoyed a few cranberry juices but then the jet lag catches up with me and i dont manage to see in the new year. i like to keep a nice routine out here around 8:30pm bed-5:00am up for my morning run.left: Jorge Rubio/myself/right: Jacob Wooley in the Miami gym

Jorge Rubio (left)/ myself /Jacob Wooley(right) in the Coolhand gym Miami

my first couple of sessions in the gym are tough! A couple of days back i was training in my Hull gym and running along the River Humber in freezing conditions, over here in Miami the heat is tough, the air is heavy and it takes me a couple of days to adjust, but i soon shake that off (with the help of a bit of Cuban dancing) and towards the end of the week im feeling good, strong and sharp.

Monday night just as I'm tucking into my steamed chicken and kale supper i get a call off Eddie, we're ready to announce the next fight. Hull arena February 25th against Mexican Jairo Lopez. After not fighting in my home City for 18 months it's a show I'm very excited about. The fans of the city love their sport especially rugby league and boxing and I'm sure the atmosphere will be electric as always. The people of Hull have a lot to look foward to this year with the city of culture, I'v been watching the social media from over here and they have really started with a bang. The fireworks on the Humber looked amazing and the lightshow was something special, looking back on our citys history and several moving tributes including the second world war and our fallen fisherman. Hopefully I can personally give Hull something to cheer about as we're hoping to secure a world title fight in the city at some point this year and add another piece of history to our great city.


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