Boss's hilarious response to hungover employee who tried to pull sickie on his DAY OFF

A boss had the best response for a confused employee after he tried to pull a sickie on his day off.

Glaswegian lad Mark McLelland messaged his boss after having a few too many the night before.

Thinking it was Monday morning the hungover 20-year-old sent a text asking for the day off, claiming he had "the runs."

But boss Greig clearly saw straight through his excuse and shot him back a stern response, calling him a "f***ing weapon."

Mark tweeted a screenshot of the exchange, saying: "When you wake up thinking it's Monday morning and text your gaffer wanting a day off."

It has since had 24,000 likes and 6,000 retweets.

The initial text to Greig reads: "Greig is it alright if I can take a holiday today mate I've got the runs man?'"

Greig responded: "1 - you need to come up with a better excuse than the runs, that's the worst ever.

"2. It's Sunday ya f***ing weapon."

Mark said: "I was at a party on the Friday and I carried on drinking through to the Saturday and I had lost track of what day it was.

“I woke up thinking it was Monday and I couldn’t get out bed so the first thing that came to my mind was the runs.

“I never expected that reply but we usually get on well in work so we both saw the funny side to it.”

Social media users have been delighted at the exchange, calling it “the best thing ever”.

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