When is a prank too scary? Terrifying moment ghost of dead girl crawls out of TV in shop wall

Film companies are constantly trying to market their films in new intresting ways . And it's fair to say that Paramount Pictures succeeded with a prank to mark The Ring's latest instalment, Rings.

In footage uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday, customers in a TV showroom are tricked into believing that the film's villain, Samara, is crawling out of their television sets.

The 30-second clip - entitled 'There’s no escape from Samara' - has already been viewed more than one million times and has gone viral, with thousands of petrified viewers left triggered by the joke.

It begins with a shop assistant testing the various features of devices on a wall, with potential buyers expressing mild interest in return at the demonstration.

It's only when he claims to amp the settings up even further, that the raven-haired character is seemingly brought to life and crawls through the screen.

Naturally, the reactions are priceless - with people screaming, crying and running away in fear.

At one point a man can he heard telling Samara to "chill", while another runs away so quickly that he falls to the floor. Hilariously, one dozy woman doesn't even notice the ghoul's presence until it touches her side - and, even then, it takes a while.

To be honest i think my reaction would be to start swinging some hooks haha...


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