Terrified Teen Calls 911, But Wait Until You Witness How Brave She Is… WOW!

When Doyin, a 15-year-old girl was home alone, the house was broken into by robbers. Full of fear, she dashed into the room of her parents and hid in the closet and dialed 911.

Angie Rivera, a veteran police dispatcher was the one who picked her call. Since she knew the young girl was upset, she spoke to her with a reassuring and calm voice. When the little girl was on the line, the intruders were getting closer to Doyin and Angie could hear it from the other end. She instructed the little girl to keep her voice down to avoid tipping off the robbers.

The girl was bright enough to follow the dispatcher’s instructions amid all the panic until the police arrived. Her bravery did not go unnoticed since she has been regarded as a hometown hero.

What do you think about Doyin’s bravery?

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